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NILSSON, Cecelia

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Note (17 Feb 2016): With the advent of many new features on the Family Search website, many items on this website will be found to be duplicates. However, I believe that this website will still prove to be useful in that I feel that much of the information contained herein is organized in a better and clearer fashion.

The Barker Family Web website is provided free of charge and is designed to provide the public with historical information about our family ancestors and their lives. It is also designed for family members' use (with the addition of a Family Access area for family members).  Much in the public section (Stan Barker side of family) pertains to early Utah and Mormon history.

Family members may gain access to the private sections of this web site by contacting the webmaster and proving ancestry of one of the family lines listed on the left.  All information must be verifiable.

NOTE: If you find this web site helpful, please consider a small annual donation to help keep it up on the Internet. For annual donations of $10 or more, we will provide family members, at their request, with an e-mail address that you can keep. The address will be formatted as,

Family Access

Pages are arranged in Stan and Susan Barker's Great Grandparent ancestral lines.
To obtain access to the Family Access area you must prove your lineage as it relates to the family names on the left of this page.  Contact Stan Barker w/ your lineage.

Part of this web site is available to the public because of the importance of the historical information. Other parts are only accessible to family members. We will continue to add new information as time allows. So please keep checking back. 

Copyright Notice:  All rights reserved.  This web page design and it's contents are Copyright 1997 - 2012 by Stanley D. and Susan M. Barker. Family members are free to use the information and photos contained herein for their personal family histories, but not for publication.  If you have questions, please contact the Webmaster listed below.

Webmaster:  Stan Barker (click here to send e-mail)